Haz del buceo tu profesión


Hi! How are you?

Are you sure you're okay?

Think carefully about what I just I asked you.

Next Monday, what do you have to do?

Next Monday, I will be on a boat, maybe I'll see dolphins jumping or maybe, when I'm diving, I'll turn around and make rings out of my bubbles. The best thing about all this is that it is my job and that it’s because I am a PADI instructor.

Life is too short to not live to the fullest. Become a PADI professional with Hammersea and fulfill your dream.

In our training you will not only find all the PADI standards, but you will also find the human quality of our instructors who will help you and advise you, so that you achieve all your goals.

¿Ahora qué toca?

parche padi open water
Dive Master
1st level of professional training. You can help in diving operations, selling equipment and guiding dives.
Price € 700.
parche padi open water
Open Water Scuba Instructor
Live the experience of becoming an instructor. When you do, you'll be able to teach in almost every PADI program from start to Divemaster.
Price 950€.
parche padi open water
Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Complete 5 specialties and distinguish yourself among other instructors.