For lovers of the sea and different sports, Hammersea offers you a complete diving course and now with our digital manuals, you can start right away. No need to wait for a group to get started.


  • 10 years or older
  • Medical Examination
  • In case of being a minor, you must be accompanied by a legal guardian and sign all authorizations


It is the most popular diving course in the world and has introduced millions of people to the lifestyle of the diving adventure. The OPEN WATER DIVER certification allows you to dive around the world with a partner of the same level or higher and without supervision, at a depth of up to 18 meters.

If you have always wanted to learn to dive, discover new adventures or simply see the wonderful underwater world, this is where everything begins.

To achieve our title as PADI OPEN WATER DIVER we must overcome two parts; theory and practice.


From the moment you decide to start your course, you will have your PADI OPEN WATER DIVER manuals in digital version.

You should read the 5 units it contains and do the reviews that come at the end of each one.

Once you have read it, together with our instructors, you will carry out a review and solve all those doubts that may have been generated, in order to carry out the tests successfully.


The best part of the course without a doubt. Here we will perform 5 sets of exercises in confined water, in addition to some surface tests. This part can be done in a pool or in a cove that has the same conditions. Once you achieve all the objectives, we will go to the open waters.

In open waters, we will carry out 4 dives, in which, with your instructor, you will have to do some of the exercises previously taught in the confined waters.

Once the theory and practice have been completed, you will have achieved all the objectives to be a PADI OPEN WATER DIVER and we will certify you at that moment.

The course includes:

  • Open Water Diver Course
  • PADI Digital Manuals.
  • Official book of Hammersea dives.


  • Practices in confined water (all those needed to achieve the objectives).
  • Practices in open water (all those needed to achieve the objectives).
  • Dive insurance during the entire course.
  • All the necessary material for the practices.

PADI OPEN WATER DIVER Certification. A provisional one will be given at the end of the course and a definitive one within a period of 20 days at your home.

Price of the Open Water Diver € 360.

Does not include

  • Accommodation.
  • Foods.
  • Medical examination.

IMPORTANT: The medical examination is mandatory, and it is very important that it indicates that the person is apt for recreational diving.