Immersión islet of the Mona


Leaving the port of Xàbia towards St. Anthony Cap (Cabo de San Antonio), almost reaching it, we find a small islet very close to the coast and known as the Mona. We will anchor next to it at about 8 meters deep, and from the anchor, we will start the dive heading towards the islet. The submerged part is structured in staggered falls, so we’ll be able to choose the range of depth we want to reach (up to a maximum of 20 meters, after that the bottom is sandy). In any case it is all about going around the islet, which we can do without any problem because it is small.  We’ll be entertained with the beautiful rock formations, arches covered with yellow anemone and marine life such as octopuses, scorpas, lobsters, as well as the ubiquitous bream, serranos and minor fauna.

At the end, after almost having surrounded the island, near the wall of the Cape, there is a narrowing that forces us to ascend to about 5 meters to access a pool of calm waters where we can see, the remains of a boat.  It is a good place for a safety stop, after which, on our way back to the boat, we will have to jump on a bottom of just 2 meters to access the open sea again and reach the boat.