Immersion in Portixol Thermes



On the southwest side of the island of Portixol, we will anchor about 8 meters and start this extraordinary dive in which, if there’s visibility, we can enjoy the colorful backlighting that a series of arches and rocky gorges generate along it. We will begin advancing almost parallel to the wall of the island, which will remain to our left, although we will be somewhat more open, heading approximately 150º. We will immediately find a large submerged islet, which stands out from the hitherto medium-sized stones more or less scattered at the bottom. Continuing along this path, an arc will appear on our left and we will cross another leaving the wall of the islet on our right, heading 100º.

With this background, in which the rocky substratum alternates with others of sand, we can see scorpas, breams and salpas and sometimes groupers. The wall of the islet is also dotted with small cracks and holes where you can see some crustaceans, croakers, etc.

After a few minutes, another islet will appear on our left.  We will continue until the bottom is monotonous and sandy, at this time the small loose stones at the bottom will indicate the point by which we will ascend the wall going west above the islet and finding a series of arches that we can cross and enjoy a whole spectacle of light. After leaving the last arch, in a depth of 8 meters and heading northwest, we will fall back into the arches of the beginning. We will cross them and return to the boat.