Inmersión Escull

  • Without a doubt one of the best immersions in Jávea.
  • Advanced Open Water Diver PADI or similar is required.


Shortly after passing Cap Negre, in the direction of the Nao, we find a small islet known as the L’Escull de Sant Pere or Bergantí, although we always refer to it simply as the Escull.

We will anchor in front of it, which will be about 60 degrees, at a depth of about 7 meters, on the promontory of a completely submerged mountain. After descending the anchor line, we head northeast towards the Escull. When we reach it at about 22 meters deep, we will see the entrance of a cave of about 25 meters long that crosses the Esculles side to side and in which you can go so far as to lose the light from the outside when making an L-shaped turn. So, if we decide to enter, we will do it with one of the many good diving centers of the area.

The cave has two exits at 27 and 23 meters and from there we will cross the submerged slopes and walls of the Escull, covered with yellow encrusting anemone and populated by octopuses, moray eels and lobsters.

Once we reach the entrance of the cave again, we will go back in the opposite direction to the starting point, which depending on the available air, we can continue exploring and enjoy the beautiful arches and small caves.