Immersion Discover Island


Shortly after passing the Cabo de la Nao, we will find DISCOVERER’S ISLAND, an enclave of several interesting dives.

The proposal now consists of touring the west and north faces of the island, and for this, we will anchor close to the narrow channel that separates the island from the coast, next to a small rock on the southwest side, where we will start our dive finding a small passage that crosses it and that will create the first of the magnificent backlights of the route.

After that, we leave the wall of the island to our right and, after climbing forcibly but briefly to 4 meters, we will continue heading 90º. The bottom appears profusely sprinkled with large rocks and reaches an average depth of about 4 meters, while the wall, covered with striking yellow encrusting anemone, surprises us with some tunnels that, like corridors parallel to the wall, appear brightly lit by other holes that make bright windows.

Further on we will see on our right a large rock line, at 16 meters, that we can border and then reverse the direction and return to the starting point, ending a simple immersion that, despite being very little frequented is a very interesting alternative.