Immersion Faro Cabo de San Antonio

Immersion Faro Cabo San Antonio

Within our Marine reserve, this dive is famous for its eye-catching views.

There is a high possibility of currents.

Faro Cabo San Antonio

Within the Marine Reserve of Cabo San Antonio and, after obtaining the necessary diving permit, we can carry out this eye-catching dive.

A convenient and more comfortable way of doing it is adrift, that is, by taking advantage of the current that usually exists at the tip of the Cape.  The divers are launched from the boat and taking advantage of the current, move on its favor, until the moment of ascending to the surface in which they are picked up by the boatman. This way they can start the dive right after turning Cabo de San Antonio.

The first thing that draws attention is the large number of huge stones that, scattered all over the bottom, serve as a good refuge for lobsters, moray eels and other habitual of rocky bottoms. These stones, arranged in a capricious way, will create infinite passages and games of lights that are wonderful for underwater photography (Fotosub). The white gorgonian is distributed along the entire way, and as long as the current allows it, we will do, heading southeast, moving away from the wall depending on the depth we want to achieve, although between 12 and 20 meters is the most interesting. Depending on the available air we can even go around the tip of the cape to finally ascend.