Immersion Cabo de San Martín

Pondering its marine life, many consider it the best diving site in Jávea. We can see banks of barracudas, groupers, bream, dentex, tuna, moonfish …


Sailing in the direction of the island of Portixol, we find Cabo de San Martín and in front of it a small islet known as Mona del Cap Prim. We will anchor between the two, in about 6 meters and heading 10º, we will gain some depth until about 50 meters. We will find two holes in the ground, which are the entrance to the Cave of the Virgin. It is necessary to enter carefully to try not to lift the bottom that would cloud the water and hinder visibility.

In the cave there is a painted tile image of the Virgen de los Desamparados (Literally traduced Virgin of the Helpless). The backlighting from inside the cave is perfect for photographers, as long as they are the first to enter. When we leave, we will follow the wall and we will gain depth until reaching a maximum of 22 meters. We should focus on the numerous holes in the wall, because there is abundant presence of life, such as lobsters, moray eels, conger eels, croakers, etc.

After about 25 minutes of immersion and following the wall, we find on our right another rock formation (we will head approximately 240º). We will start our return by reversing the path or by short cutting the slab that we have been bordering to arrive again to the Cave of the Virgin, which we will pass, finding just a few meters away, another tunnel with arches and beautiful backlights, through which we will enter and shortly after the exit, we will have the anchor line where we will make the mandatory safety stop.