Classic route (Pared Negra and San Martín)

Perhaps two of the most famous spots for diving. In the Black Wall, with a bit of luck, it is easy to see rays, in addition this area of ​​the coast hides many nooks and crannies where you can observe numerous groups of fish. In San Martín we can enjoy numerous large barracuda shoals and other fishes.

  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours.
  • Price: € 30

It includes:

  • Full snorkel equipment
  • Lunch or snack (depending on the time).
  • Qualified staff.
  • Discounts for other activities.


  • To know how to swim.
  • Be of legal age or be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Warning: The booked activity may undergo changes in the route without the need to warn in advance to guarantee its safety. Moreover, if the conditions are not ideal and security cannot be guaranteed, the organization can make the decision to cancel it without being able to claim any amount other than the reimbursement of the activity.