Hi, my name is Brun and I work with Hammersea. If you have come this far it’s because it’s clear you know what you want. The time to become a diver has come.  Many believe it’s complicated and that it’s only for a few, but in Hammersea we make it very easy for you and we promise to go with you hand in hand.

We make easy what seems difficult.

Oh, I almost forgot, all our courses are PADI and internationally valid.

¿Cómo quieres empezar?

manual dicover scuba diving
Discover Scuba Diving
A very complete way to start scuba diving 2 Dives
parche padi
Scuba Diver
Allows you to dive up to 12 meters with an instructor.
€ 280
diploma open water diver
Open Water Diver
Allows you to dive up to 18 meters with a partner of your same level or higher.
€ 360