We have the obligation to train ourselves continuously in the most advanced diving techniques, and that the skills we possess and want to transfer are the most up-to-date.

hammersea Staff

In Hammersea we look for some very specific characteristics in the members of our Staff:

Passion for the sea and diving:

This work can only be done well if you feel an authentic passion. Our entire Hammersea Staff are here for the sincerest of vocations and it shows.

Patience and dedication to our divers:

We all remember that at our beginnings we needed help, advice and guidance, that’s why we love to help, advise and guide whoever needs us.


We want you to enjoy yourself from the moment you enter the door of our center until you leave, because diving is fun and exciting, even before and after diving. Our challenge is for you to leave with unforgettable moments and wanting to return.


All of us who are part of the staff not only have more qualifications and knowledge than our position requires, but also years of experience. Besides enjoying our work, we know how to do it.

We are waiting for you!